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120. An Interview with Maureen, Librarian and KitLit Blogger

119. Listener Mail: Novellas, Clergy and Religion in Romance and More

This week, Sarah dives into the mailbag, or the inbox that she imagines looks like a mailbag, to answer listener email on topics ranging from novellas, clergy in romance, library behind the scenes information, and more.

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118. Discussing Rape, Trigger Warnings, and Also What We’re Reading

This week, Jane and Sarah discuss a letter from a reader named Sage, who is looking for resources to help her identify and avoid books that may contain scenes of rape or assault. We discuss rape in the genre, triggers, and practical ways to identify books that may feature scenes

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117. Libraries, Buying eBooks, and Diverse Historicals: An Interview with Librarian Dena Heilik

Dena Heilik sent us an email awhile back when we discussed briefly the process of buying ebooks for libraries. Dena is the department head of Philbrick Hall, the fiction & DVD Department at the Central Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, and she had a lot of things to

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116. Sarah, Elyse & Sarah MacLean: Historical Romance, Regency Pools and NPR

In this episode, Elyse and Sarah interview Sarah MacLean, New York Times bestselling author of historical romance. We talk about Billionaire Dinosaurs, but more about her upcoming book, Never Judge a Lady by her Cover, which comes out Tuesday, 25 November. We cover identity, the need for Regency pool boys,

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115. All About The Librarians with Kate Noble/Rorick, Plus Listener Mail

This week I chat again with Kate Noble and Kate Rorick who are conveniently the same person about the upcoming tv show The Librarians. We talked about this during a podcast interview I did with her over the summer. The reboot, which premieres December 7 is going to be also

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2. eBooks, the Economy, with guest Malle Vallick – Dear Bitches, Smart Authors Podcast: Jan 12 2009

We retread some of the economic discussion from our earlier podcast, but we have more to say about what's selling, most notably ebooks. We also have Malle Valick from Harlequin with us to discuss all things bright and digital from Harlequin. Enjoy!

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1. Our First Episode

Sarah's too close to the phone, Jane is driving, and we're recording our conversation. As Jane says, we are the picture of amateurs. Come watch us grow! Or, listen, as the case may be.

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