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133. Behind the Scenes of the 2015 DABWAHA with Jane and Sarah

This week, we talk about the DABWAHA tournament, what books we wanted to be in the tournament that didn’t make it, and the origins of the tournament long long ago. And in a shocking turn of events, Jane and Sarah disagree about NA, YA, and Contemporary romance. We also talk

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132. 12th Century Love Stories: An Interview with Dr. William M. Reddy

This week, we’re learning about 12th century attitudes on sexuality and romantic love, plus 12th century gossip and the possible origin story of Super Mario. Yes, way! Our guest this week is Dr. William M Reddy, William T. Laprade Professor of History and Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Duke

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131. Sarah and Elyse Discuss Hibernation and Comfort Reads

130. Action Adventure Romance: Elyse and Sarah Interview HelenKay Dimon

129. Listener Email: Library History, Dancer Heroes, and a Brief Chat with RedHeadedGirl

128. Mysterious Loner Dudes and What Jane’s Been Reading

127. An Interview with Erin Galloway

This week, Sarah interviews Erin Galloway, Associate Director of Publicity & Marketing at Berkely/NAL. Erin talks about what books she's working on, including a potentially controversial book in June, plus we discuss cover art and what she's reading, which includes some great recommendations of books she's enjoyed recently.

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126. Amanda and Sarah Talk Contemporary Sports Romance