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125. An Interview with RedHeadedGirl and Courtney Milan

This week, RedHeadedGirl and Sarah sit down with Courtney Milan to talk about her brand-new New Adult Contemporary Trade Me, which was released this past Tuesday. We discuss reader reactions, the development of the characters and Milan’s take on the billionaire trope. Plus, Courtney’s dog also makes a guest appearance.

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124. Listener Email: Clergy in Romance, Library Secrets, and Social Media

This week Sarah dives into the listener email and find messages about clergy in romance, the ways in which you use your libraries, and a surprise question about interacting with authors on Twitter. You'll also hear a special guest appearance from one of Sarah's cats who showed up just as

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123. Jane and Sarah Discuss Epistolary Romances, and What They’re Reading

This week, Sarah and Jane answer an email from Kendal, who is looking for historical epistolary romances. If you've got one we missed that you recommend, please do email us at sjbpodcast@gmail.com! (Sarah in particular loves epistolary novels, as evidenced by this discussion on SBTB from 2012). Then we talk

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122. Ponies, Ebola, and Historical Romance: An Interview with Jennifer McQuiston

Sarah sits down with one of Time Magazine’s People of the Year, romance author Jennifer McQuiston, who earlier this year went to Sierra Leone to fight ebola as part of her job at the CDC. Nothing goes with historical romance like a thorough discussion of ebola, right? Of course!

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121. Talking Historicals with Rose Lerner

120. An Interview with Maureen, Librarian and KitLit Blogger

119. Listener Mail: Novellas, Clergy and Religion in Romance and More

This week, Sarah dives into the mailbag, or the inbox that she imagines looks like a mailbag, to answer listener email on topics ranging from novellas, clergy in romance, library behind the scenes information, and more.

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118. Discussing Rape, Trigger Warnings, and Also What We’re Reading

This week, Jane and Sarah discuss a letter from a reader named Sage, who is looking for resources to help her identify and avoid books that may contain scenes of rape or assault. We discuss rape in the genre, triggers, and practical ways to identify books that may feature scenes

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